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Without fanfare or promotion, since 1993, CHP founder Kevin Saremi has donated to colleges and universities, supporting initiatives designed to improve students’ mental and physical health, wellness, and safety on campus. With these dollars, colleges have funded mental health education seminars, crisis hotlines, event speakers, weight loss programs, exercise programs, and health fairs, and have purchased defibrillators, safety call boxes, and other equipment.

Kevin’s kindness and consideration of others forged a path to putting the needs of students first. As a dedication to Kevin, and to continue his charitable giving, Wellfleet (formerly known as Consolidated Health Plans, or CHP) has established the Saremi Health and Wellness Foundation. Within this foundation is the Health E Fund.

The Health E Fund helps colleges improve health and wellness on campus. The foundation welcomes applications that feature fresh initiatives, including programs that improve student safety, and/or make measurable improvements in student health and wellness.

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Grant cycle opens Nov. 1, 2018

Thank you to everyone who submitted applications last year, and congrats to the schools awarded grants. The Foundation’s grant cycle opens Nov. 1, 2018, with applications being accepted online through …